Senin, 24 Maret 2008

The program based on recommendations as follow:

  • Primates Specialist Group Action Plan for Asian Primate Conservation (1987-1991)
  • Javan Gibbon PHVA Workshop (1994)
  • Javan Gibbon Workshop held by CII and CBCS-UI (1997)
  • the 18th Congress of the International Primatological Society in Adelaide, Australia (2001)
About the Center
Established since 2003, it was the results of collaboration between the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry and Javan Gibbon Foundation. The center supported by Conservation International Indonesia, Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, University of Indonesia and Silvery Gibbon Project (SGP). The center placed in extended areas of Bodogol Resort, Gunung Gede Pangrango National park, for the width of 15 hectares at Bodogol Resort, be at the height 600 m above sea level. The center receives donated or confiscated java gibbons, usually from local household. Short-term goal of assessing medical and behavioral status, and restoring them to full health. A longer-term goal is to reintroduce suitable rehabilitated animals or young, captive bred animals into areas where they have been locally extirpated, in accordance with the IUCN Reintroduction Guidelines. The ultimate goal is to re-establish viable, free ranging populations over the species historic range.

The Center focuses on:
  • Rescue (the delivery of Javan gibbons into the project either through voluntary donations or through government-led confiscations)
  • Rehabilitation (the process of restoring optimum health and behavior)
  • Captive-breeding (propagation of offspring by genetically healthy individuals)
  • Reintroduction (the process of releasing the gibbons into the wild)
  • Education and awareness (concerning the uniqueness of the Javan gibbon, its threats and its serious need for conservation)
  • Research (non-invasive applied and basic research)
  • Animal facilities : treatment cages, temporary exercise cages, outdoor individual cages, transport cages, introduction and socialization enclosures and pair enclosures
  • Operational facilities : office and guard station, clinic and quarantine, electricity and water supply
JGC operating programs are THE JAVAN GIBBON FOUNDATION (JGF) is a non profit organization. JGC is running out by manager with assisting of technicians and veterinary. Supporting of national and international management committee for the Javan Gibbon Center is composed of the following individuals: Dianne Gates (SGP), Clare Campbell (SGP), Karen Payne (SGP) Dr. Russell Mittermeier (CI), Leif Cocks (International Studbook Keeper), Ir. Adi Susmianto MSc (MoF), Ir. Wahjudi Wardojo, MSc (MoF), Dr. Soenaryo (MoF), Dr.Jatna Supriatna (CI), Dr. Noviar Andayani (UI) and Dr. Sutarman (Ragunan Zoo)