Selasa, 25 Maret 2008

The current number of gibbons at JGC are 27 individuals (14 female and 13 male) and will be more on next year. The Javan Gibbon Center gives you the opportunity to contribute to the preservation and the protection of the Javan Gibbon that you to adopt a gibbon and help it throughout the rehabilitation process.

Gibbons DATA at Javan Gibbon Center

What happens when you adopt an orphaned gibbon?
The JAVAN GIBBON RESCUE AND REHABILITATION program needs $ 50,000 per year for operating of the center, and needs $ 1,150 per year to be able to finance the veterinarian care, the food for one gibbon and others.

Everyone or company can adopt one or several gibbons at Javan Gibbon Center. They are who adopts a gibbon becomes a part of the "MOLI FAMILY". You can send e-mail messages to our project management at any time to ask questions, send comments and suggestions, etc. You can adopt a gibbon for 6 month, 1 year or more. If you have paid for the full year for your gibbon you will receive:
  1. A sign gibbon guardian certificate
  2. A large glossy photograph of your gibbon
  3. A t-shirt of Gibbon
  4. A monthly update about your gibbon and a picture as well as special messages to inform you about the adopted gibbon
  5. Receive the “TROPIKA magazine" for every three month published and listed your name.

All information is sent by email to reduce paper use and postage costs so that all your adoption money goes straight to the gibbons.

How to adopt a Gibbon ?
  1. Visit our page: " Gibbons to adopt" on our website and select the animal you wish to help.
  2. Fill in the adoption sign-up form and send it.
  3. For more information :

How to send the funds?
You can pay through wire transfer to:
Account name: Yayasan Penyelamatan dan Rehabilitasi Owa Jawa
Account number: 0104961274
Bank name: BNI
Branch: 273 UI Depok
Address: Gedung Balai Sidang, Kampus Universitas Indonesia, Depok 16424

A receipt of our association will be inform to you by mail.

Beside help for veterinarian care and the food for gibbons, the guardian or sponsors can help to support for operational, education and awareness program, research program and also gibbons facilities such as cages, enclosures, etc.

For further information, please contact:
Javan Gibbon Center
Komplek Taman Rekreasi Lido
Jalan Raya Bogor-Sukabumi KM 21
Cigombong Lido Bogor 16740
Phone/fax: (0251) 224963

Thank you for your support.